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CS Welded Pipe
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Standard Specification  Grade Description
ASTM A53 A,B Pipe or Genenal Purposes
A135 A,B Pipe for Conveying Liquid, Gas or Vapor
A178 A,C,D E.R.W, Boiler Tubes
A214 - E.R.W. Heat-Exchanger & Condenser Tubes
A252 1,2,3 Steel Pipe Piles
A500 A,B,C Steel Tubes for Structural Purposes
A513 - E.R.W Mechanical Tubing
A589 TypeⅠ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ,Ⅳ Steel Water-Well Pipe
API  5L          A Line Pipe         
5CT  H-40, J-55 Casing and Tubing 
K-55, N-80
BS 1139 - Metal Scaffolding
  1387 L,M,H Steel Tubes for Suitable for Pipe Thread
  1775 ERW 11,16,20 Steel Tubes for Mechanical, Structural and General Engineering Purpose
  3601 ERW 320,360,410 Steel Pipe for Pressure Purpose
ANSI C801 - Rigid Steel Conduit
UL 6 - -
JIS ( K S )              G352 (D3507) SGP (SPP) Steel Pipe for Ordinary Piping
G 3454 (D3562) STPG (SPPS) Steel Pipe for Pressure Service
G 3461 (D3563) STB (STBH) Steel Pipe for Boiler & Heat Exchanger
G 3444 (D3566) STK (SPS) Steel Pipe for General Structural Purpose
G3445 (D3517) STKM (STKM) Steel Pipe for Machines Structural Purpose
G 3466 (D3586) STKR (SPSR) Steel Square Pipe for General Structural Purpose
C 8305 (D8401) - Rigid Steel Conduit
(D3583) (SPW) Arc Welded Carbon Steel Pipes
(D 3589) (P1H, P1S) Polyethylene Coated Steel Pipe(PFP)
(D3537) (SPPW) Galvanized pipe for Water Service
(D 3619) (AP,PB, PC, PD) Polyethylene Powder Lining Steel Pipes for Water Works
A 5525 (F4602) - Steel Pipe Piles
(D 3626) (SPCR) Corrosion Resistance Welded Steel Pipes for Water Service
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